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tool sketsa

Arbakid - tool sketsa will be give by arbakid for create a Sketsa image. tool sketsa is Sketsa SVG editor.

file dari hasil penyimpanan akan berformat .SVG alias Scable Vector Grapichs yang berarti basisnya pada XML dan dibangun atas dasar W3C.

file from save as is type .svg or Scable Vector Grapich which this basic at XML and building by w3c

this link for download tool sketsa svg editor

::. download Sketsa SVG Editor 6.2

::. file size 12.29 Mb

::. bellow screen capture for tool sketsa svg editor
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How to create Online Status YM in blog


Arbakid - this script can you copy and paste to your blog and you will see your YM status in your blog, just copy script bellow..

Status : Nama_Anda

">ID_Yahoo_Anda&m=g&t=1" title="• Klik aja klo pengin ngobrol denganku… •" border="0" height="16" width="64">

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tool storyboard

Arbakid - Tool Springboard have any fiture where we can get angel, give audio effect, give frame, split frame, Layer Property, create animasi simullation and any menu was provide by tool storyboard Springboard.

for download you can check this address :
download Springboard V0.91
file size 1.97 Mb

bellow sample of layout springboard :
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Definisi Sketsa

Arbakid - sketsa is disciption or image for plan some object, just using line not finished sometime just using for remember creator image. in the application sketsa use by short note which discript some idea.

sketsa will be use for based to create a plan for Animation film, so the animator must be have knowladge about sketsa because can help to create her project.

this is sample for sketsa :

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